Adam Fisher Trumpet

Milwaukee area trumpet player, teacher, and clinician

What I'm Up to Now

Last updated January 3, 2019

On trumpet... Christmas gig season is over, and I’m jumping right into a run of the musical Chicago, which is something completely different than what I’ve been doing the past few months. This quarter I’m also picking and preparing for a recital, date TBD.

In teaching... I just finished a booklet of range building for beginners, and now I’m working on building up a booklet from there to high C. I’m also perpetually trying to create the most effective and efficient warm-up for my students.

Current read... Essentialism by Greg McKeown. After a busy and exhausting few months that led to illness and fatigue, I’m learning to say no to more so I can do better when I say “Hell yea!”

Projects… I’m (still) working on making “practice guides” for WSMA Solos to help students, especially those without access to a proper trumpet teacher, prepare Class A solos.