Adam Fisher - Trumpet

Milwaukee area trumpet player, teacher, and clinician

What I'm Up to Now

Last updated February 25, 2017

On trumpet... I've spent the last month ironing out some things in my technique, acclimating to my new GR mouthpiece on my Bb trumpet, and generally enjoying playing while I have a bit of downtime between gigs. Next up, a new musical!

In teaching... I have ten students gearing up to perform their solos at Solo & Ensemble Festivals next weekend, and a brass choir doing the same. I've also begun some general music teaching at an area elementary school, which has been an adventure in and of itself.

Reading... I recently reread another Harvey Penick book, and I can't stress how much these books ahve helped me in my teaching by giving a different perspective on similar philosophies. 


"Not only does he keep superior communication, his music is beautiful."
 -Christian M